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Un dia sin mexicanos / DVD

Cine Hispano -   (Subtitulos en Español - espanol)

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DVD Informattion

- Starring: Yareli Arizmendi, John Getz, Maureen Flannigan  

- Director: Sergio Arau

- Encoding: Region 1 - NTSC

- Format: Color, Widescreen, Dolby

- Rated: R

- Release Date: Nov. 9, 2004

- Run Time: 95 min.

- Languages: English

- Subtitles: Español

Movie Informattion

- General: 2004 - Mexico / USA - 95 min. - Feature, Color.

- Genre/Type: Comedy, Satire, Mockumentary.

- Themes: Social Injustice, Race Relations, Immigrant Life.   

- Domestic Box Office: N/A

- Theatrical Release Date: May 14, 2004 (USA - Limited)

- Production Budget: N/A


Parece que va a empezar un día normal cuando los residentes de California se levantan durante otro amanecer soleado. Pero, sorprendentemente, poco a poco comienzan a darse cuenta de que toda la población latina del estado norteamericano ha sido barrida del mapa...


Marking the directorial debut of Sergio Arau, son of Like Water for Chocolate director Alfonso Arau, A Day Without a Mexican ponders the potentially catastrophic results that would occur if California-based Mexicans, who make up over a third of the state's population, were to suddenly disappear. The mockumentary postulates that the lack of Latino gardeners, nannies, cooks, policeman, maids, teachers, farm workers, construction crews, entertainers, athletes, and the world's largest growing consumer market would create a social, political, and economic disaster, leaving the concept of the "California Dream" in shambles. A Day Without a Mexican proved controversial even before its release: promotional billboards reading "On May 14th, there will be no Mexicans in California" caused a stir with immigrant rights groups, who believed the sign was a statement against the Latino community. The film stars Yareli Arizmendi, John Getz, Maureen Flannigan, and Muse Watson.

Source: All Movie Guide







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